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A Local
Artisan Butchery


Why Zero Waste

Who We Are

Step into our premier specialty meat and deli market, where a world of culinary delights awaits you! Discover meticulously chosen cuts of beef, a bounty of fresh seafood, and delectable on-site smoked meats. Our shelves boast convenient grab-and-go meals, ensuring that delicious dining is just moments away. With a team of seasoned industry experts at your service, our store is more than a marketplace—it's a community hub dedicated to giving back. We're here to simplify your life, offering top-tier products, hassle-free grab-and-go options, and engaging community events. Let us be your culinary companion, as you carve out time for moments of joy with family, friends, and the pure delight of good food!

A Word From Our General Manager, Jason Brunson

"We are thrilled to bring CARVE Market to the vibrant Auburn community. Our team is dedicated to providing not only top-quality meats but also an immersive culinary experience that celebrates the rich heritage of butchery. We look forward to becoming a cherished destination for food enthusiasts and families alike."

Meat case.jpg
CARVE building

Officially Opened as of April 2nd, 2024

Beyond offering premium meats, CARVE Market is committed to fostering meaningful connections within the Auburn community. Through partnerships with local farmers, producers, and artisans, we aim to support sustainability and promote the vibrant culinary landscape of the region.

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